First Church of the Nazarene
Saturday, March 25, 2023
Reaching. Fellowshipping. Caring.
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Worship plays an important role for those who attend to RFC. With the use of modern technology, gifted vocalists and talented musicians, we celebrate our Lord and Savior each weekend. As we engage in enthusiastic celebration we also seek the real presence of the Spirit of God and His closeness through reverent and heart stirring songs. It has been said that the music ministry of RFC has successfully found that ground on which all people from all ages can enjoy and willingly participate.
The worship team at RFC seeks to remain up-dated in both music and creativity for the sake of effectively ministering to those who seek a deeper experience with God as well as those who may have never before been exposed to a celebration service. Our purpose as a worship team is to celebrate the Savior, hear the voice of God, and follow the Holy Spirit.
We hope to see you this Sunday as we lift up our voices in praise and adoration to Jesus.
Worship begins at 10:45